EODL Small-Projects Grant

History – In November 2012, EODL approved a proposal by the Treasurer and Foundation Chair to create some small-project grants that would be available to share with EODL Member Groups.  
The grant monies would come from the revenue generated by the EODL Foundation Fund as well as EODL surplus funds.

Following are the Terms of Reference:

·     Groups may apply for funding up to $1,000 for a small project.
·     The project to be funded will be a stand-alone project rather than a contribution to a larger project.
·     Grants will not be given for operating expenses.
·     There will be no retroactive funding; in other words, grants will not be given for expenses that have already been incurred.
·     Depending on the EODL financial position, the number of grants awarded each year may vary.

Applications will be accepted in the following categories:

1.    Facility improvement (repairs, upgrades, paint etc.)
2.    Equipment purchase or upgrading (lights, sound equipment, tables, mirrors etc.)
3.    Education (workshops, play polishing, Festival Registration Fees etc.)
4.    Production-related expenses (special costumes or props for a show, rentals etc.)

·     Preference will be given to groups that have not received an EODL small-project grant in the previous five    years.
·     The deadline for grant applications will be March 1.  The decision on recipients will be made at the Spring Festival EODL   meeting.  The grant cheque will be issued on June 15.
·     The Grants Committee will be made up of the Treasurer, the Finance Chair and the current Past-President of the Eastern Ontario Drama League.

Get Started!

Fill out our simple application form and email it to the addresses listed on the form.

The application is an interactive PDF file. Download the form, fill in the information, save it, and email to the EODL

The application will require that the group lists the budget/cost estimate for the project.

Applications received will be reviewed for eligibility by the Grants Committee and a recipient or recipients named. There may be occasions when the recipient(s) will be determined by a draw.

To enhance the profile of EODL, it would be appreciated if the recipient group(s) could acknowledge the grant assistance in their newsletter or play program.

Download the application below. SAVE a copy to your computer, fill it out, save it, and email it to the addresses on the form

EODL Small-Projects Grant Application